Welcome! The 2013-2015 ELLA Executive is very excited to launch this revamped website and is looking forward to serving the members of the Edmonton Law Libraries Association. It is a bit intimidating to follow the seasoned leadership that ELLA has been fortunate to have and we will do our best to provide the type of programs and meetings that members of ELLA have come to expect.

It seems that whenever law library news crosses our inbox we see challenges. Shrinking budgets, position disruptions, stress from too fast and too much change. My goal as Chair is to provide a place in ELLA for the law library community to share ideas for easing our burdens and turning challenges into opportunities. ELLA has always been a forum for those in our community to exchange ideas. I am confident that collectively we can take the step necessary to transform ideas into actions.

A primary initiative that the ELLA Executive will advance this fall is work toward a “last copy” initiative. The idea that we could all cancel or discard the same title concerns everyone. Looking at legal information collections as a local community will be the focus of a round table discussion at our September Business Meeting.

Thank you to Andrea Zielinski, Laura Lemmens, Amber McIver and Christine Press for their contributions to our community in serving as the Edmonton Law Libraries Association leadership.

Thank you to Melissa Hathaway for all she has done to create and launch this new site. Thank you to Gina Linden for all she has done to prepare for our 2013-14 membership drive and our first meeting. Thank you to Julie Olson for site testing, programming ideas, and facilities. I am excited to work with these fine legal information specialists over the next two years.

I look forward to serving as your ELLA Chair.

Shaunna Mireau


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