ELLA Secretary-Treasurer moving on

I will be moving onto greener pastures in the next couple weeks…those pastures being a one year contract at the New Brunswick Public Library Service! It has been a pleasure working with the ELLA executive for the last couple months, and it is with regret that I am not able to stay on for the full term. ELLA Chair Shaunna Mireau will send a call for a new Secretary-Treasurer shortly. Be sure to submit your name!

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2 Responses to ELLA Secretary-Treasurer moving on

  1. Lynn Giddings says:

    Sounds like a fabulous opportunity for you! I have just sent in my membership renewal form and want to send ELLA a cheque….where and who should I send it to?


    Lynn Giddings
    LexisNexis Canada Inc.

  2. ELLA Web says:

    You can send cheques made out to ELLA to ELLA’s mailbox. The mailing address is at the membership form webpage.



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