HeadStart 2018 on Hiatus

After 15 continuous years, the organizers of HeadStart have decided to suspend the program for 2018. Rest assured, we are still very committed to providing recent graduates with the fundamentals of legal research and all the tips and tricks we can offer. Look out 2019!

We will be using this time to evaluate the program; to find out what we do well, not so well, and everything in between. A very important part of this process will be getting feedback from you. We will reach out to you again in the fall.

Thank you for your continued support of the HeadStart program and we look forward to your participation next year.

What is HeadStart?

HeadStart is an intensive and practical legal research workshop for law and library students entering the legal workplace. Lunch and coffee breaks are included.

Registration opens in the spring; the workshop takes place in June. Many firms send their students to this event; please contact your firm.

Information on the next HeadStart workshop will be posted at HeadStart Announcements.

A typical workshop may include:

  • Practical Strategies for Legal Research
  • Alberta Legislation – Print and Online
  • Federal Legislation – Print and Online
  • Legislation – Hands On Exercises
  • Secondary Sources – Textbooks and CED – Print and Online
  • Dealing with Caselaw Research Costs
  • Secondary Sources – Hands On Exercises
  • Output: Memos, Opinions, Arguments
  • Alberta Law Libraries – Edmonton Tour


Also see HeadStart Materials for sample materials from past years.


HeadStart is an annual event developed and provided by members of ELLA.