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Law Librarian job posting

Alberta Law Libraries is currently seeking applicants for a temporary, full-time Law Librarian position in our Edmonton Courthouse library location.
You can view the posting on the Government of Alberta Jobs board, Job ID 1043126.
The closing date for applications is July 4th, 2017, please submit applications as indicated in the job posting.

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, Edmonton – Are you a dynamic, innovative person with a passion for the best client experience? If so, Alberta Law Libraries has an opening for a Law Librarian in Edmonton, based in the Edmonton Law Courts, Legal Research and Training Centre (LRTC).

The Role
As a Law Librarian, you would:
– Be responsible for providing in-person and remote reference and research services to library users
– Provide personal and group training to library users and Government of Alberta and Alberta Courts employees on available resources
– Participate in the collection development process by recommending materials to be added or withdrawn from the collections
– Collect data, compile and submit reports and statistics for the Edmonton LRTC
– Assist in planning and policy development
– Assist in developing outreach initiatives and material for various stakeholders
– Work with your Alberta Law Libraries colleagues in the creation, delivery and assessment of information, research and training initiatives targeted to our various client groups

Petition to fix Crown copyright in Canada

ELLA Members,

I hope you will take a moment to sign this House of Commons petition, which I’ve created as a private citizen (not on behalf of my employer) asking the Government of Canada to respond to the longstanding need to fix Crown copyright in Canada.

I have tried to summarize the importance of reforming Crown copyright at but we all know that the audience for this issue is small, despite the wide breadth of its impact. This is why I am also asking that you please forward this petition to other lists, your colleagues, and especially any content users whose work might have been impacted by Crown copyright over the years.

Thank you for considering these requests and for your help getting this issue to our MPs as they start a review of the Copyright Act later this year.

Government employees: note that your personal information is not disclosed to me or online and that you will have to use a personal email address if you want to sign the petition (which I hope you do!).


Amanda Wakaruk, BCommerce, MLIS, MES
Copyright Librarian and former Government Information Librarian

Search issues with the University of Calgary’s “Our Future, Our Past” site

ELLA members,

Please note that searching the U of C’s ‘Our Future, Our Past’ site (at least the AB Laws Collection) is currently not possible.  The software that this collection is running is out of date and is failing. They are working on a project to migrate the content to a more modern platform, and will keep us posted as this project progresses.

In the meantime, you can still browse the collection.

Thank you to Sandi Madvid for the heads up!

Message from Alberta Queen’s Printer regarding their website’s newest feature

Dear ELLA Members,

Alberta Queen’s Printer is pleased to announce that high level descriptions for legislative materials (with a few exceptions) have been added to our catalogue titles. We partnered with Legislative Planning partners from across the Government of Alberta to capture this information. The goal of the project was to make it easier for anyone who requires access to the laws to be able to easily understand what the law may be about.

Improving user experience and government transparency, these descriptions are designed to provide users with a brief overview of the resource. The descriptions help improve access to information by ensuring that Albertan’s have a way to quickly reference the contents of any Act or Regulation in an easy to read format, without having to search through the contents of the legislation itself.

Alberta Queen’s Printer is committed to providing the most up to date and reliable legislative reference in the Province of Alberta. We will continue to ensure these descriptions remain up to date and available for reference by all Albertan’s. In addition to descriptions for legislative titles, Alberta Queen’s Printer will be working to provide the same descriptive information for all materials we carry.

Should you have any questions of feedback about this new initiative I would love to hear from you.

Gisele Abt, Manager
Alberta Queen’s Printer
(phone) 780-422-5647