Alberta Legal Resources – SLS (Student Legal Services Edmonton)

Jordan McDermott, Criminal Coordinator, SLS (Student Legal Services Edmonton)

  • SLS is run by law students who are supervised by actual practicing lawyers. The organization has been around since 1969.
  • They provide free legal information and assistance to low income persons in the Edmonton area.
  • They have over 250 volunteer students during the school year and hire approximately 25 students to work over the summer months.
  • They can help with:
    • Criminal–where the Crown is proceeding summarily and not seeking jail time.
    • Civil-including small claims (under $50 000), residential tenancies, WCB, etc.
    • Family-they can provide information for divorce, child and spousal support, but can only provide actual assistance with child support and parenting orders which are already in place
  • They also participate in various outreach and legal education programs.
Picture of Jordan McDermott
Jordan McDermott
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Alberta Legal Resources – ECLC (Edmonton Community Legal Centre)

Giselle GeneralVolunteer and Communications Coordinator, ECLC (Edmonton Community Legal Centre)

  • Provides free legal advice, information and referrals to low income people in the Edmonton area.
  • Provides free legal education seminars on a wide variety of topics which are available to everyone.
  • They rely heavily on lawyers who volunteer their services, but they do have 3-4 staff lawyers who can guide clients through the whole court process or even represent them.
  • Their financial guidelines vary, but they usually have a little higher threshold above Legal Aid. The do offer some exemptions, e.g. victims of domestic violence who may not have access to the family income.
  • Meetings are by appointment only. You can contact them via phone, email or an online form on their website. They will ask some preliminary questions to see if you qualify for their services.
  • There are no limits to how many times you can use their services.
  • They will also refer clients to various social service agencies as required.
  • They do NOT assist with Criminal matters.
  • They CAN help with:
    • Family Law, including separation and divorce, child custody, child support, and more
    • Landlord and Tenant
    • Employment and wrongful dismissal
    • Human Rights
    • Debt
    • Small Claims
    • Immigration, including concerns of Temporary Foreign Workers. Eligibility for their services does not depend on your status in Canada.
    • Income supports, including appeals for AISH, Employment Insurance, CPP, and others.
Picture of Giselle General
Giselle General

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ELLA Blog Update – March 2019

This month we were fortunate to be joined by Caroline Gosling (a board member of the
Alberta Restorative Justice Association) who provided us with an introduction to
Restorative Justice.
According to Caroline, “Restorative Justice is an approach that focuses on the repair of
harm and restoration of damaged relationships caused by specific incidents between
people and within communities.”
Restorative justice differs from the traditional justice system in that there is a stronger
focus on the victims and their needs. The offenders are still held accountable, but the
victims play a larger role in the whole process. The person who caused the harm must be
willing to take responsibility.

image of Caroline Gosling presenting to ELLA

Caroline’s presentation is posted below. You can read more about restorative justice in this Edmonton Journal article, and Caroline recommends The Little Book of Restorative Justice as a good introduction.
Julie noted that both Headstart and CALL are coming up soon. Volunteers are needed for
both. Please also consider volunteering for the ELLA executive. The term for the current
executive ends at the end of August.


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Alberta Legal Resources – CPLEA (Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta)

Lesley Conley, Library Specialist and Community Education Liaison, CPLEA (Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta)

  • CPLEA strives to provide access to justice through increasing the public’s knowledge of the law
  • Prior to 2014 they were known as the Legal Resource Centre of Alberta.
  • They produce plain language materials (online and in print) on many different areas of the law. They currently have over 200 publications available.
  • They also provide information and referral services. Anyone can phone or email and they will send the needed information to that person. CPLEA does not offer any advice or representation.
CPLEA maintains 12 different websites including: ELLA-Jan-22-2019

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“CALL” for volunteers!

Edmonton CALL members are excited to host this year’s annual conference and…
We still need volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers to fill a variety of positions over the course of the CALL Conference. Sign up now! Volunteers can sit in on programming for free during their shift if it does not interfere with their duties. Unfortunately, we cannot provide free access to the entire conference for volunteers, nor can we provide meals or snacks. 

Picture of CALL 2019 conference logo

Be sure to visit the conference website for the up-to-date information regarding the conference schedule and social activities.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your registration, please e-mail our National Office

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