ELLA AGM Friday, September 27

Edmonton Law Libraries Association invites you to the 2019 ELLA AGM!

Friday September 27, 2019
Boardroom B2 (Note: just outside the cafeteria)
Edmonton Law Courts, North

If you have other business that you would like to add to this agenda, please let us know by emailing ellaexec@gmail.com.

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Recap of activities from previous year
  • Report from HeadStart
  • Election/Acclamation of new Board
  • Discussion of and voting on changes to Bylaws
  • Discussion of the future of ELLA

Lunch will be provided by ELLA, so please plan to come! Watch for another email coming soon with the proposed by-law changes and to RSVP for lunch.

ELLA has been a tiny, but mighty Association for over 40 years.  The same reasons that brought law librarians together all those years ago are still valid today, namely the desire to learn with and from each other and to support one another within the profession, not to mention to have some fun!

The outgoing ELLA Executive appreciates the support we have received over the past two years and greatly enjoyed serving the members of our Association!  We hope that someone will come forward to pick up the baton and carry ELLA through the next two years.  Note that Anke is willing to stay on for the next year to help in the transition, possibly as Past Chair or program advisor, but only if all of the positions are filled.  All positions are currently available:

  • Chair (Julie and Anke found Co-chairing made this easier and more fun!)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (this position could potentially be split into Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Member-at-Large
  • Webmaster

There will be transitional support from the outgoing exec, and ongoing support for a year from Anke, should you choose to step forward.  Please do consider this opportunity to serve the profession and keep the ELLA ball rolling, or encourage others to volunteer for positions!  If you have any questions about positions or would like to put your name forward, please email ellaexec@gmail.com, and we’ll get back to you!

Julie Rainey, Co-Chair, 2017-2019
Anke Eastwood, Co-Chair, 2017-2019
Samantha Allan, Secretary/Treasurer 2017-2019
Susan Frame, Member-at-Large, 2017-2019
Lucinda Johnston, Webmaster, 2017-2019

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