ELLA Blog Update – March 2019

This month we were fortunate to be joined by Caroline Gosling (a board member of the
Alberta Restorative Justice Association) who provided us with an introduction to
Restorative Justice.
According to Caroline, “Restorative Justice is an approach that focuses on the repair of
harm and restoration of damaged relationships caused by specific incidents between
people and within communities.”
Restorative justice differs from the traditional justice system in that there is a stronger
focus on the victims and their needs. The offenders are still held accountable, but the
victims play a larger role in the whole process. The person who caused the harm must be
willing to take responsibility.

image of Caroline Gosling presenting to ELLA

Caroline’s presentation is posted below. You can read more about restorative justice in this Edmonton Journal article, and Caroline recommends The Little Book of Restorative Justice as a good introduction.
Julie noted that both Headstart and CALL are coming up soon. Volunteers are needed for
both. Please also consider volunteering for the ELLA executive. The term for the current
executive ends at the end of August.


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