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Jennifer Costigan,  Assistant Senior Counsel for Corporate Law & Case Management, Legal Aid 

  • Legal Aid provides a wide range of legal services from referral to traditional legal representation.
  • In addition to criminal law, they deal with Child Welfare, Adult Guardianship and Immigration matters
  • They utilize staff lawyers and lawyers from the community
  • Income testing is required for full representation. There may be billing, but payment plans are available or claiming undue hardship may be an option
  • Starting April 1st, all AISH recipients will be eligible regardless of assets
  • Some services they provide are available to all Albertans including:
    • Duty counsel in every criminal court in Alberta
    • Duty counsel in family courts in larger centres
    • Fresh arrest advice
    • Emergency protection orders program in Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge
    • Alberta Review board
    • Drug treatment court
    • Youth representation (ages 12-18)
Picture of Jennifer Costigan
Jennifer Costigan

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