New ELLA Secretary-Treasurer

With the resignation of Gina Linden, the Secretary-Treasurer position on the ELLA Executive was vacant.  Nominations were solicited and I am very pleased to report that Christine Watson allowed her name to stand for the position and was acclaimed as our newest ELLA Executive Member.  The Minutes of our very brief buisiness meeting are shared below.

Thanks to everyone who shared in welcoming Christine to her role when we met for our Open Data session with Mark Diner today.

Cheers, Shaunna

Minutes –Edmonton Law Librarians Association (ELLA)
Business Meeting, October 24, 2013

  • Shaunna Mireau (Chair) announced that Christine Watson had put her name forward for the vacant Secretary Treasurer position on the ELLA Executive
  • Shaunna Mireau called for other nominations for the position
  • As no other nominations were put forth, Christine Watson’s nomination was acclaimed
  • Shaunna Mireau thanked Christine Watson for coming forward to fill the position

Submitted by Jane Symons on Thursday the 24th day of October 2013

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