Notes from the Presentation on Bill C-75 and Changes to Jury Selection

On November 22, prominent Edmonton defense lawyer Brian Beresh and his articling student Dwight Dakers addressed the ELLA membership and a few other guests on the topic of jury selection in the light of the newly in- force Bill C-75. He gave us a brief lesson on the history of juries and jury selection and the state of the law prior to the September 19, 2019 changes.  Mr. Beresh then outlined some of the concerns that both Crown and Defence lawyers have with the new legislation, in particular the removal of peremptory challenges. Though the intent was to give the accused a more representative jury, the outcome may be to the contrary.  The verdict is still out as to whether these new provisions should be applied retrospectively, and we are awaiting Court of Appeal rulings on this issue. Please see the attached PowerPoint PDF for further details. 


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