Alberta Legal Resources – SLS (Student Legal Services Edmonton)

Jordan McDermott, Criminal Coordinator, SLS (Student Legal Services Edmonton)

  • SLS is run by law students who are supervised by actual practicing lawyers. The organization has been around since 1969.
  • They provide free legal information and assistance to low income persons in the Edmonton area.
  • They have over 250 volunteer students during the school year and hire approximately 25 students to work over the summer months.
  • They can help with:
    • Criminal–where the Crown is proceeding summarily and not seeking jail time.
    • Civil-including small claims (under $50 000), residential tenancies, WCB, etc.
    • Family-they can provide information for divorce, child and spousal support, but can only provide actual assistance with child support and parenting orders which are already in place
  • They also participate in various outreach and legal education programs.
Picture of Jordan McDermott
Jordan McDermott
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