The Youth Restorative Action Project is hosting its 3rd Annual Judicial Jamboree!

The Youth Restorative Action Project (YRAP) is hosting its 3rd Annual Judicial Jamboree at the Derrick Winter & Golf Club on Saturday, October 15, 2016, headlined by F ‘n Y (the Family and Youth Court judge band).

YRAP thanks its sponsors, Iginla & Company, Servus Credit Union, and Dawson Duckett Shaigec & Garcia for their tremendous support!

Tickets are $80 each or $750 for a table of 10!

Cocktails @ 6:00
Hors d’oeuvres @ 7:00
Musical entertainment @ 7:30

YRAP is a Youth Justice Committee that works with young people who have caused harm as a result of racism, intolerance or significant social issues. It is the only committee worldwide with this unique mandate to be run entirely by youth members (aged 15-24). When young people come to YRAP, personal panels are held for them by our youth volunteers. During these panels, the volunteers get to know the young person’s background, interests, goals, and how they found themselves involved with the courts. In conjunction with the young person, and victims of the offence where applicable, YRAP develops creative, effective consequences to try to repair any harm done to the victim and community while improving the conditions which may have led the youth to crime. The final goal is a positive, self-sufficient lifestyle for the young person.

All youth who participate in the program are assigned a youth mentor who hangs out with them and supports them through their court involvement and consequences. This is an essential part of YRAP because it builds long-term relationships founded on trust while also offering a positive role model who is close to their age.

For more information, email Kate at or purchase your tickets online today!

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