Monthly Archives: June 2015

How do I post to the blog?

Here are brief instructions on posting to our new blog, with more comprehensive instructions attached below (includes screenshots).

Quick Steps

  1. Go to ELLA website (
  2. Log in*
  3. Go to Posts > Add New
  4. Create your post:
    Enter a title and body of the post. Include your name at the end.
    Select only Category: Blog
    (Optional) Add 1-2 tags describing the general topic
    (Optional) Select Discussion: Allow comments & Allow trackbacks and pingbacks
  5. Click Submit for Review
  6. Contact the ELLA Webmaster to publish the post.

Instructions – Blog Posts

*Members have been given the log in credentials for the shared user account “Blog User” to use for creating blog posts. A password reminder is available from the Webmaster – and any member of the executive will also be able to supply it in a pinch.

Welcome to the new ELLA Members’ Blog

As of June 2015, ELLA Members’ Blog has moved onto the ELLA WordPress site. To visit the new blog, go to Blog in the menu at the top of the page, or click here.

Members are invited to begin posting here with information you would like to share with the rest of ELLA. Feel free to contact me – I’m happy to help you get started!

If you haven’t already, sign up for notifications of new posts to the site to avoid missing any ELLA Member Blog posts – click “Entries RSS” at the lower right of the page.

***How to set up RSS feed in Outlook – and send notifications to your inbox